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always ,willow and tara


Alyson Hannigan (Willow Rosenberg)
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Amber Benson ( Tara Mclay)
willow and tara fancition by Uni dagger



Willow: Tara? Tara? Tara!
Tara: Willow. I got so lost
Willow: I found you. I will always find you


Willow: "Those darn Salem judges, with their Less-Satanic-Than-Thou attitudes!"
Tara: "Oh honey, let's change it. The Discovery Channel has koala bears."


Willow: Where would you go? If you felt lost and alone? Where would you go?
Tara: To you

Willow: TARA, I have to tell you...
Tara: No, I-I understand. You have to be with the person you l-love.
Willow: I am.
Tara: You mean...
Willow: I mean. Okay?
Tara: Oh, yes.
Willow: I feel horrible about everything I put you through. A-and I'm gonna make it up to you. Starting right now.
Tara: Right now?

Tara: "Hmmm." Willow: "What do you see?" Tara: "Willow hands."

Tara: O-o-our relationship?
Willow: We're friends.
Tara: Good friends.
Willow: Girlfriends, actually.
Tara: Yes, we're girlfriends.
Willow: We're in love. We're ... lovers. (puts hand on Tara's knee) We're lesbian, gay-type lovers.

Willow: What did i have for breakfast this morning? Do you remember? I wanna say bagel but i think that was yesterday.
Willow: You had two eggs, sunny-side-up. I remember because they were wiggling at me like little boobs.
Tara: Sassy eggs.


Tara: Breakfast will make all things better.
Willow: And pancakes could go in bellies.
Willow: I'm a breast gal myself, but then again you knew that.
-----------------Willow: Oh who wants to be cooped up on a day like this? The sun is shining. There are songs going on. Those guys are checking you out.
Tara: What? What are they looking at?
Willow: The hotness of you, doofus!
Tara: Those boys thought I was hot?
Willow: Entirely!
Tara: Oh My God! I'm cured! I want the boys!
Willow: Do I have to fight to keep you 'cause I'm not large with the butch.
Tara: I'm just not used to that. They were really looking at me?
Willow: And you can't imagine what they see in you.
Tara: I know exactly what they see in me... YOU!
Tara: You thought Dracula was sexy?
Willow: What? Oh, no. he was - yuck
Willow: You're good, I'll prove it! me.
Tara: Hmmm.
Willow: What do you see?
Willow: I had too much nog.
Tara: Oh, baby, do you want me to rub your tummy? She likes it when I... stop explaining things.
Tara: We can be strong.
Willow: Strong like an Amazon?
Tara: Strong like an Amazon, right...
Willow: You were there looking for me?
Tara: I thought maybe we could do a spell, make people talk again? I'd seen you in the group, the W-Wicca group. You were... you were different than them, they didn't seem to know...
Willow: ...what they were talking about?
Tara: I think if they saw a witch, they run the other way.
Willow: Horses, like big, tall, teeth that can take your arm off horses?
Tara: Oh sure, I learned to ride when I was a kid. It's fun. And by the way, most horses don't like arm very much.
Willow: I had a bad birthday party pony thing when I was four. I look at horses and I see really big ponies.
Tara: You should ride with me some time. I guarantee safety and fun.
Willow: Well, if you promise you'll look after me...
Tara: So - you're not allergic or anything?
Willow: Nope.
Tara: Good. 'Cause I want my room to be Willow-friendly.
Willow: Me too.
Willow: No - there's "woo" and "hoo". But there's - "uh oh". And "why now?" And... it's complicated.
Buffy: Why complicated?
Willow: It's complicated - because of Tara.
Buffy: You mean Tara has a crush on Oz? No...Oh. Ohh. Well... That's know I mean, I think Tara's a really great girl, Will.